1.How to buy a RhythmicTennisServe2.0

1) Click a "BuyNow"button, and enter PayPal Page,
   register a buyer's information, and pay a Card or Paypal.

  2) You will get a receipt from PayPal.
"Item Number" on it is used as a "Password" for first time

2. Down Load the Application.

  1) Down load "ES File Explorer(Free)" from Google Play Store,
        to your Phone.
   2) On a browser you are seeing , click below path.
       Using "
Es File Explorer", down load  the application on your Android Phone.

The following path is available.


 3.How to install to your Phone.

1) The applications excepting "Google Play", need seculity check.
"Unknown source" in the seculity of your phone ON.
3) Select "app-deug.apk" file on Es File Explorer, and install it.