・This program has "Learning-" and "Game-Mode".
・Click 「Rocket-Start」below, and make a trial run.(It has a limit in trial number). 
Buy & Install
  [How to Buy]
1.Clik below 「Buy Now Button」,and pay $10-USD to 「PayPal」.
*PayPal is a On-Line Paying Service with more than 2.3-billion members.
2. And resister your home address and E-Mail, etc.
3. Down load address for "ABC-Aphabet-Rocket" and  [Serial Number] are send to you.

[How to install]
1.Unpack "ABC-Hiragana.exe" file by clicking.
2.Read "How to install" and "How to use" file that located at left-bottom.
3.First time, it is needed to connect Internet to run the program.
 ABC-Hiragana-Rocket[ Start ]
Move launching base with use [ ← Key] and [ → Key] , and eimit a rocket with
 [Space-Key] .
  How to Install
  How to use